Marc Cutler, LPCA, Clinician

Marc Cutler, LPCA, Clinician

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Marc Cutler is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate at the agency.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016 and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology at Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2018.  Marc is currently in the process of earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Walden University and is expected to complete the program in 2021.

Marc worked at Therapeutic Equine Assisted Mental Health in North Granby, Connecticut from 2001 to 2005 where he worked with children through animal assisted therapy.  He worked as a Long-Term Substitute and Teacher Assistant at High Road Hartford Primary School in Hartford, Connecticut from 2016 to 2019 where he conducted comprehensive mental health needs assessments, assisted in safety assessment and stabilization, and provided solution focused interventions.  Marc volunteered at Wellmore Behavioral Health in Waterbury, Connecticut from 2019 to 2020 where he conducted assessments and therapeutic interventions within the Child Outpatient Program.  He also provided therapy for trauma utilizing evidence based practices.

Marc works with children, adolescents and adults with mental health and co-occurring diagnoses.

To reach Marc Cutler, please call him at (860) 276-3000, extension 244 or email him at